The best of JSY moved to the corner

We were all sad to see Jenning Street Yarn in Fort
Worth go.  We wish Linda well in her retirement, and
happy knitting.  It’s cold in Iowa where she’d going.  The
happy ending, for all of us, is that much of her stock is
now at Cynthia’s Corner.  I have a storage building filled
with the great things you remember: books, the fifteen
year pattern archive, knitting needles, buttons—too
much to list.

Dashing through the snow, with blankets

Our wonderful Made With Love group completed 118
blankets for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.  Since no
organization wanted to take them or ship them, 'The
Little Red Hen Delivery Service' here headed south.
I had no idea a Honda could stretch that far and leave
room for me.  Now I know.  I arrived in Seguin three
hours ahead of a twenty year snow.  The San Antonio
area got 2”, but Corpus Christi and Port Aransas got
a whopping 7” of the white stuff.  Snow on palm trees
looks strange, folks.  Made it to Port A the next
day.  I was so inspired by the stories of people
I met.  The island took a huge hit, but all you
see and hear is smiling optimism about
rebuilding better than ever.  I delivered blankets,
but I came away with so much more.

Watch us, we’re growing

Most of you know the shop’s getting more
cramped all the time.  We were close to looking
at hanging yarn from the ceiling.  I’ve been
looking for a building with the unlikely
combination of more space at a reasonable rent
for montths.  It’s found!  Right now it’s a big
dingy space.  Lots of potential, but lots of work
before we can move in.  It’s been neglected to
the point that it looks like a grande dame in a
dirty housedress.  I do love a challenge.  I’d love
to say we could move in a few months.  However, not being independently wealthy (What? You thought small business owners were raking in the bucks?  Au contrere.  Having a business is like being married to a starving artist.),  we have to do the repairs and remodeling as we can.  We’re thinking June.  Expect progress reports as we tackle the challenges.

January classes

Do continue to send your requests for class topics.  We want to teach the things you want to learn.  One requested class, Magic Loop Technique, will happen in February.  There wasn’t room in January.  Here’s the January class schedule:

  7th—Basic Knitting 2-4 pm
14th—Valentine projects for knitters 2-5 pm
21st—Valentine projects for crocheters 2-5 pm

All classes are held on Sunday afternoons.  Please call ahead for availability, details, and fees.  Until we move, space is very limited.

DHKG is our valentine this year

Next month, our Made With Love group will host the
Dallas Hand Knitters Guild for an informal luncheon. 
We’re thrilled that our two favorite groups will have this
opportunity to do our two favorite things: eat and converse.

Friends, it looks like 2018 is being ushered in with lots of
chilly weather, flu, and the general yuck that winter brings.
Stock up on yarn when the weather’s nice, then stay home
and start some new projects.  Be healthy, remain calm,
and stitch on.

As always, we begin this new year with best wishes to all
for a healthy, safe, and prosperous journey into Spring.

Cynthia, Dick, the Elm Street Hookers, and all the Yarn Wranglers.

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HAPPY 2018 !

At Cynthia’s Corner, December was packed with many wonderful events.  The month, and the year, seemed to fly past, leaving me saying “Wow, what a ride that was!”  First, it was a great year for the shop.  We are gratetful to have the best and most loyal customers anywhere.  If you haven’t been in recently, do visit.  We have acquired so many wonderful new yarns and accessories I’ve lost track.
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Cynthia Roth

Some of the Port A volunteers and
residents who were excited about the
Made With Love Blankets.

Cynthia and Sherri Johnson of
the Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce.  They met at the
Port A Community Center because the COC building had been destroyed by hurricane Harvey.