We’re introducing a new yarn from Sugar Bush this
month: Nanaimo. Nanaimo is a mulberry silk blend
DK that is soft, lustrous and lovely.  Look for it by
April 1.  We’re trying it in a few colors.  If you like it,
the entire palette will follow.

Well, some yarns come and some go…  everyone’s
favorite budget acrylic, Premier Eversoft, has been
discontinued.  We still have a few skeins, priced to go
at $2.00 each.  If you want it, hurry!  We’re replacing
Eversoft with Universal’s Uptown Worsted, an
anti-pilling acrylic that’s soft and easy on the hands.

Also on sale this month is Cascade’s Bentley, a fun
superwash/acrylic blend that isn’t quite a print, isn’t
quite tweed, in nine great colors.  It’s marked down
17% until April 1.

Progress Report on Our New Shop

The remodeling is moving along, not smoothly but rather
like an old stick shift car with a new driver.  Our historic
old building, at age 92, is full of surprises: plumbing
surprises, wiring surprises, air conditioning surprises.  In
addition there are the “repairs” and “remodels” over the
years.  These range from the good, to the okay for now
patches, to the ugly.  The ugly, I suspect, were done by
someone’s brother in law.  You know the one: “Old Joe
can do anything.  He’s never had a lesson in his life,
but he’s strong as an ox and works cheap.”  Joe,
wherever you are, remain hidden.  You don’t want to
meet me.

Made With Love Group

Nevertheless, the new shop will be wonderful, and big. 
And did we say big!  We’re so ready for the new
classroom/workroom.  Our poor Made With Love group
has about twelve members that show on Tuesdays, (see
the photo below).  We used all the chairs and all the
space.  The next step will be to expand onto the sidewalk. 
The ladies say when that happens, they’ll set up a
lemonade stand to raise funds for moving.  Our theme
song for the group now is “Ten in the bed and the little
one said, roll over”.

The lack of space hasn’t cramped our
production of items for local charities.  The
other day we went to Grand Central
Station in Sherman with a carload of baby
blankets, socks, washcloths, and hats.  Good
job, everyone.  We’re still making afghans to
refill our disaster ox, plus washcloths for
Grand Central, and Knitted Knockers. 
We’re now sending knockers to about
thirty cancer patients each month.  Want
to join us?  We meet every Tuesday
morning from 10-12 am.  All knitters and
crocheters are welcome. 
You need not be an expert.

Classes are on hold for now due to my time,
or lack thereof.  Hope to start again soon. 
Good news for those who quilt as well as knit,
and are having to choose.  We intend to
coordinate our charity efforts with those of the quilting guild.  More on that later.

There has been some interest in forming a local knitting guild, to meet monthly with guest speakers and planned activities.  Interested?  Let me know.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print today.  Until next time, remember that keeping yourself in stitches is good for your brain.

Cynthia, Dick, the Elm Street Hookers, and all the Yarn Wranglers.

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Spring yarns are popping up

Along with daffodils. I love spring in Texas.  It’s just getting started, and already there’s a riot of color.  Likewise in the shop—your favorite lightweights, such as Ultra Pima, Cotton Supreme, Bamboo Pop and Avalon, are ready for warm weather projects.  I know many of you have said you think wool is too hot for Texas, but take another look.  We have beautiful new store models and patterns using Sugar Bush Drizzle, a kid mohair/silk blend.  This yarn is so light it makes items that will be just right for those air-conditioner chilled shoulders, (samples on the right).
email me
Cynthia Roth

Cascade’s  Bentley 
is marked down
17% until April 1

(above & below) Here are just
a couple of things you can make
Sugar Bush Drizzle,

Made With Love
needs more room to grow.