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What's Happening   

 The sometime newsletter of Cynthia’s Corner

MARCH 2019

As I write this, our north Texas weather has had one of its famous mood swings.  Yesterday morning 55 degrees, this morning 28.   Good weather to stock up on pretty yarns, curl up at home, and knit.  Many of our customers are doing just that. I apologize for not sharing news for the last two months, but it’s been wild around our house.   My husband/IT guy/editor has been ill, and our family has added twin granddaughters who arrived ten weeks early.  All are doing well. So far I have evaded the men with nets and strait jackets, therefore I must be all right too.

Construction, or lack thereof

We still have the construction fence and the gaps in the sidewalk around our front door.   It’s tiresome.   At least once a week someone calls and asks when the store will reopen.  We’re open as usual.  One simply must come around the fence and past the moat or over the plywood bridge.  If I see you through the window, I’ll come and escort you.  I have begun telling people that the city thinks I’m a princess.  Why else would they protect me with a fence, and my castle with a moat?  I’m sure there’s a dragon lurking beneath the piles of leaves, rocks, and fast food containers out there.  I have been told, again, that the crew “will come next week and start work” and the “fence will be gone this month”.  And pigs may fly.  Ah, well.  Men were deceivers ever.  Thanks to those of you who brave the hazards surrounding my castle.
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Cynthia Roth
Made With Love group, aka 
The Elm Street Hookers

These wonderful women do so much to 
brighten our corner of the world.  Last year 
they provided Knitted Knockers for 300 
Texas cancer patients.  In addition, they made 
or collected over 800 items for Grand Central 
Station.  Items included stuffed animals for 
100 children, blankets, socks, hats, scarves, 
mittens and gloves, and washcloths.  During 
December they collected cleaning products 
and bath towels for our local sober living 
facilities.  This year’s projects currently include baby blankets and stuffed toys for local shelter Abigail’s Arms.

Want to join the group?  They meet every Tuesday morning from 10 am to noon and starting this month, group 2 will meet on Thursday from 10 am-noon.  You can work on a charity project or bring your own work and enjoy the fellowship.  All levels of knitting and crocheting expertise are welcome.

It’s also great fun and camaraderie. The last Tuesday of each month there is a luncheon to celebrate the month’s birthdays, and life in general.

The Fence Continues

New yarns

This autumn by customer request we added 35 colors of Bernat blanket.   It’s immensely popular, with customers traveling up from the Metroplex to buy colors they can’t find elsewhere.  January brought Bernat Alize and Universal Bamboo Bloom handpaints.  For those who prefer luxury products, we have two new yarns from Sugar Bush, Crisp and Itty-Bitty.  Crisp is a DK weight superwash merino with vibrant colors.  Itty-Bitty is a fingering weight MCN, suitable for baby projects or luxurious adult garments.  We pride ourselves on stocking yarns that run the gamut from hand dyes to budget acrylics.  Yarn snobs may, and often do, find yarns they like.  We welcome them, but the majority of our customers are practical folks looking for yarn that “does something for a living”.  You still need to visit Big Box for Red Heart or Aunt Lydia’s, but if you want quality yarn that won’t break the bank, come on down.
Furls’  Crochet Hooks
Crocheters love Furls’ crochet hooks!  These handmade wooden hooks are designed to reduce hand fatigue.  To protect these wonderful tools Furls offers all leather handmade clutches that hold seven hooks each.  Furls also makes gorgeous yarn bowls in two sizes and three different materials.  The crochet hooks rarely break without rough treatment, but they’re fully guaranteed.  

Dance Hall Girls

Mothers of students at the neighboring dance studio grew bored waiting for their daughters and asked for a crochet class. They came, they learned, and they became our Dance Hall Girls early evening group. You’re welcome to join them for open knitting or crocheting each Monday from 4:15-6:15.
That’s the news from Around the Corner.  Be warm, be safe, be in stitches.

Made With Love Group
The Elm Steet Hookers

New Bernat Alize

Universal Bamboo Bloom

Furls leather clutches (above) - Yarn Bowels (below)