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     Showing my age here

    I remember (as a CHILD, you understand) standing in the yard in late December 1959, wondering what the coming decade would bring.  Sixty years later, I’m looking at another new decade and wondering again.  I can hardly wait to see what happens.  One thing I’m sure of - we’ll try to keep you in stitches.  We’re planning new yarns, new classes, new projects, and it’s exciting.  Let the adventure begin!

     The Elm Street Hookers

    These remarkable women have a great time, improve their knitting and crocheting skills, and complete wonderful projects for local agencies.  In 2019 they made hundreds of items for Grayson Grand Central Station (GGC) and Abigail’s Arms.  In addition, Cynthia’s Corner is a state provider for Knitted Knockers.  Since November 2017, we have filled orders for over 700 breast cancer survivors in Texas. 
    But wait, there’s more.  This group collects travel sized toiletries for GGC’s showers-for-the-homeless program.  Every December there’s a cleaning products drive for our local sober living facilities.  For all projects other than Knitted Knockers, the group uses donated yarn, which makes Cynthia’s Corner a home for unwanted yarn and supplies.  Donated knitting needles and crochet hooks go to classes at such agencies as Abigail’s Arms and the Boys’ and Girls’ Club.
    Want to join the group?  They meet every Tuesday morning from 10 am to noon.  You can work on a charity project or bring your own work and enjoy the fellowship.  All levels of knitting and crocheting expertise are welcome.
    It’s also great fun and camraderie.  The last Tuesday of each month there is a luncheon to celebrate the month’s birthdays, and life in general.

Cynthia Roth
     New Yarns

    In the new year, expect custom colors for our new Cynthia’s Garden line.  No other shop on earth has these great Morandia yarns.  They’re ours alone.
    We also will add some great products from Knit One, Crochet Too, brand new yarns and colors from Universal, and some surprises.

     New Kits

    For the holidays we featured Craft with a Child kits for wreaths and tabletop trees featuring Bernat Alize E-Z.  This looped yarn requires no knitting or crocheting.  These kits aren’t just for December.  Try a pink or blue decorated wreath for a baby gift, a white with red for Valentine’s Day—the possibilities are endless.

    Also check out shawl kits showcasing Bamboo Pop or Bamboo Bloom.  These bamboo yarns are easy to work with, look fabulous, and drape beautifully.

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Craft with a Child Kits for
wreaths and tabletop trees

Shawl Kits made with Bamboo Pop and Bamboo Bloom

     New in Notions

    You asked for it, we got it!  So many of you have requested that we stock a few sewing supplies that we gave in.  Face is, none of us want to fight our way through 'Big Box' for a spool of thread or a pack of needles.  We now have the basicsneedles, thread, seam rippers, etc.—in the embroidery section.

     New Weekly Specials

    For 2020, we will begin weekly specials.  Each week starting on Sunday and ending on Friday a different type of item will be on sale.  Watch the Facebook page or visit the store to learn more.

     New Class Policy

    Class attendance has increased in the last year, and our policies about class sessions and charges have changed as well.  Both Knitting 101 and Crochet 101 are now three session classes.  Two sessions simply left some people hanging.  Fees for each of these courses are now $60 plus supplies.  Fees must be paid in advance and are nonrefundable.  We would love to save your place and believe you will attend, but we now must require you to back your promises with payment.
    For one session classes such as Pattern Reading, fees may be paid at the beginning of the class.

That’s the news from Around the Corner. Stay warm and stitch on.

The 'Hookers' with some of 
last year's Knitted Knockers

Cynthia's Garden line !!!