Nevertheless, whether you’re in Fort Worth or Fort
Courage, Dallas or Detroit, your fall knitting alarm
goes off.  Like the “Pick the peas!” in the old
vegetable commercials, you’ll hear your inner voice
saying, “Get the wools! Knit the gifts!”  Cold weather
and winter holidays are just around the corner.  It’s
time to trade the summer cottons for wools, the
citrus and pastel shades for the rich dark hues of
winter, and start knitting.

Here at Cynthia’s Corner, we’re ahead of you.  We
have glorious new yarns out everywhere you look. 
From alpaca to llama, mohair and merino to silk, it’s
here.  Lacy fingering yarns, sock and sport weights,
through worsted to super bulky, all
waiting for you and your knitting alarm. 
What’s new?  Sugarbush Yarns
designed in Canada: lacy Drizzle,
bold and chunky Medley, heathery
Rapture.  A restock of your favorite
Cynthia’s Iris in two blends and two
weights.  More yummy hand dyes
from Morandia, including MCN and
platinum sock yarns.  More radiant
autumn colors in Cascade Eco Duo
and Highland Duo.  Universal Classic
and Uptown.  Wisdom Saki, undyed,
and Allegro sock yarns.  You’ll just
have to come and look for yourself.
(2017-09-24 14.25.35)

Made With Love Group

Our knitters and crocheters have put
in many hours, and we
have almost reached our
goal.  We have
completed 90 of 100
blankets for the victims
of Hurricane Harvey on
the Texas coast.  In our
“spare time”, we’re also
making Knitted Knockers,
making preemie caps
and booties for a hospital
in Africa, and looking
around for our next
adventure.  If you find
yourself at loose ends
on a Tuesday morning
between 10:00 and
noon, come join us.

Upcoming classes

We put classes aside for a while so we could all work hard on the blanket project.  Now, by popular request, we’re starting up again.  Watch our Facebook page for the class schedule.
What’s on your wish list?

Let us inspire you with holiday gift ideas for yourself or someone you love.  We have a variety of yarn bowls, many locally made.  If you know a child or adult that wants to learn to knit or crochet, we have books and kits for the teach-yourselfer.  Still not a clue?

Cynthia’s Corner has gift certificates for any amount to take the selection burden off of you.  Come in and let us help you choose something special.

Above all, as we begin this festive season, please be sure of our best wishes for a safe and joyful time with those you love.

Cynthia, Dick, the Elm Street Hookers, and the Yarn Wranglers.

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Here in north Texas, it’s hard to recognize autumn.  The temperatures are a little cooler, there are tinges of color on a few leaves, and some mornings there’s mist in the valleys.  Fall, now, is another story.  We know we have fall.  One morning we wake up and all the leaves have fallen off the trees.  It may be tee shirt weather, but by George, those leaves have fallen.
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Cynthia Roth
Sugarbush Yarns Canada
Drizzle, Medley, and Rapture
Cynthia’s Iris Yarns
Two Blends and Two Weights

Morandia MCN and
Platinum Sock Yarns
The Made With Love Group
Has completed almost 100 blankets
for the  Hurricane Harvey victims
Wisdom Saki, undyed,
and Allegro Sock Yarn