Around the Corner Special Edition March 2020
About COVID19 (Carona Virus) 

Dear Friends, 

As I write this, panic has invaded Gainesville, Texas.  Stores have run out of toilet paper, bleach, hand soap, and paper towels.  Events are being cancelled.  NCTC has cancelled Prime Timers classes for the spring semester and most summer classes as well.  More than anything, the rumor mill is running three shifts.  Otherwise intelligent people are turning into Chicken Little clones. 

Should we be concerned?  Of course.  Should we panic?  No.  Should we take reasonable precautions, like practicing good hygiene and avoiding crowds?  Absolutely.  Do we all need to head for the bomb shelter, the safe room, or the root cellar?  No!

I do not intend to give medical advice here.  The things you need to know are on the CDC website.   I will simply echo the common sense things you all know about avoiding disease.  During my long career as a nurse, I assumed every day that everyone I met had some type of germ I didn’t want.  That meant I washed my hands thoroughly and often, did my best to keep my immediate environment clean, and took care of my health.  You have no power to cure this virus, but handwashing and cleaning your environment are things you can and should do.

In addition, remember all the things you learned as a child about keeping healthy?  They still apply.  Eat right, stay hydrated, get enough sleep, exercise, and don’t let stress get you down.  Anxiety interferes with your body’s defenses.

That being said, unless conditions change my shop is open.  I have cancelled classes for the time being.  I was disinfecting the commonly touched surfaces in the shop, and washing my hands frequently, from the day I opened.  Again, I believe everyone has germs I don’t want. 

If you are unable or disinclined to leave home, call me with your order at 972-880-3667.  I will take your information, add a shipping fee, and mail your merchandise to you.  Have a knitting or crochet question?  Call, text, or email me. 

To answer a question that I have been asked, you need not be afraid of yarn, knitting needles, or other products made outside the US or delivered to you.  The virus does not live for aeons on surfaces.  Imported products travel for at least a month before reaching the warehouses in this country, where again, they remain for weeks before making their way to the shelves here.

We plan to resume the Elm Street Hookers by video-conferencing until we can meet again in person.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for news updates related to the shop.

In all that you do, exercise good judgment.  We want to see you again and again, in good health.

Cynthia Roth
Cynthia's Corner
Yarn Shop
Gainesville, TX